The Barcode Galapagos project is driven by people who believe in the importance of science and research to better implement conservation strategies and support local communities.

Educating new generations

The Galapagos DNA Sessions were developed to inspire new generations. By connecting the educational institutions of the Islands, the sessions aim to promote the learning of the new genetic and conservation methodologies used in the field to address conservation issues. The sessions also cultivate an interest and passion in young people to pursue a career in conservation.

The target audience for these sessions was students enrolled in Upper Basic to Unified General Baccalaureate, as an alternative option to complement teaching in the areas of Natural Sciences and Biology.

The sessions were predominately taught online and covered four distinct areas related to the Barcode project and local citizen science activities:

1. General introduction to the activity

2. Brief introduction to the Barcode Galapagos project

3. Basic introduction to genetics,evolution and genetic barcoding concepts including main terms and applications.

4. Putting knowledge into practice: fieldwork and sampling techniques including understanding the technology and tools used, meeting the people who contribute to the project, and understanding the implications of this work for conservation efforts in Galapagos.

On Santa Cruz island, the team of students had the opportunity to spend a day participating in laboratory work in person.